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Overnight Rides

A minimum booking of 4 riders is needed for the overnight ride…

The group will leave the stables at 10 am at the latest, which means arrival at the stables shouldn’t be later than 9 am to allow time to do paper work and loading the vehicle with personal belongings.

We will arrive at the picnic cave between 12 and 1 depending on the experience level of the group.

1 hour later we leave for the cottage arriving at approximately 4 pm.

Guides will untack and the group will take a short rest and can then join a walk to the river if they wish so.

There are some beautiful pools for swimming and the birding is amazing.

On arriving back at the cottage the bbq fire will be going in full blaze.

While dinner is being prepared guests are welcome to use the outside shower with a beautiful view of the majestic Drakensberg, or the inside facility.

Dinner will be served by 7 pm, followed by stories around the bornfire and star gazing.

Breakfast will be served between 8 and 9 the following morning.

For the 1 nighters the trip back will start at 10 am, stopping over again for a picnic lunch and hopefully back at the stables by 3 or 4 pm at the latest. For groups staying longer, there will be different options to either go birding or trails to explore the Berg and it’s unique fauna and flora, with either lunch packs while out or to meet back at the cottage for lunch and a bbq again at night.

A well in advanced enquiry and booking will ensure your experience to be remembered